Which are the most easily repairable salvage cars in the UK?

We pride ourselves on stocking a varied range of vehicles right here in our popular online vehicle auctions here at RAW2K, and there’s certainly no shortage of choice for anyone looking for a new motor. But if you’re not looking for something to drive, but something to fix up and sell on instead, you’ll find plenty of options too! Obviously, making money this way always involves a cost-benefit analysis, so it helps to know which are the easiest salvage cars to repair before you commit to buying one. We’ve done some of the hard work for you below!

The salvage cars that are easiest to fix

One of the tricky things about doing any research in the automotive industry is that almost every professional has their own opinion about a particular make or model, based on personal experience - and these don’t always line up with popular opinion, either! However, in motoring forums and garages across the UK, there is at least some general consensus that Toyota Corollas, Honda Civics and Ford Focuses are easy and cheap to repair.

As you might expect, there’s been some more in-depth research into the subject, too. MoneySupermarket and Warranty Direct teamed up to conduct their own research into the average cost of repairs for a dizzying array of makes and models, and drew detailed conclusions about which were the most economical cars to repair. In a nutshell, here are the top 5:

  • Skoda took 5th place with average repairs of £261.02
  • Fiat took 4th place with average repairs of £260.25
  • Peugeot took 3rd place with average repairs of £251.57
  • Suzuki took 2nd place with average repairs of £234.96
  • Ford took 1st place with average repairs of £223.92

The results will probably come as no surprise really, since the Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus have both been amongst Britain’s top-selling cars for decades. It’s also clear both from unofficial consensus and professional research that the smaller cars are the ones which are cheaper to buy, run, insure and repair.

What makes a salvage car easier to fix?

While ‘easy’ is subjective depending on the knowledge, experience and specialties of an individual mechanic, there are certain qualities that the most easily repairable salvage cars generally have in common. For example:

Replacement parts are cheap or widely available

Repairs can quickly become expensive if replacement parts are difficult to obtain, as mechanics have to take into account not just the time it takes to track down the components, but also the expense incurred in retrieving it. However, if the part is cheap to begin with, obtaining it might not incur a significant extra cost, and if it’s also widely available then the job becomes even easier, considerably expediting the repair process.

The problems are relatively simple or purely mechanical in nature

Replacement headlights, rear lights, air filters or oil changes are all reasonably simple repairs which can be implemented even by relatively inexperienced mechanics. They’re also fairly universal in-car systems, too - which doesn’t hurt! However, more complex electrical faults, such as an issue with the car’s Engine Control Module, will need more specialised expertise. Happily, the latter type of faults are generally associated with more high-end or luxury cars, especially those with brand-new innovations. Smaller cars and used cars tend to be simpler in nature, with fewer interlocking systems and unpredictable electronics, making them far easier to repair.

The general reliability of the car

You probably don’t need us to explain this one in much detail. The most reliable cars mean that the necessary repairs are probably infrequent and isolated, so are easier to tackle individually (rather than attempting to fix several complex, interrelated problems at once).

All these factors combined, together with the cheap purchase price of most smaller salvage cars, means that they can be a brilliantly lucrative source of income for a savvy mechanic. And if you’re looking to turn a profit with your own skills, we’ve got good news for you - you’re already in exactly the right place. We’ve got a magnificent range of used, seized and salvage cars for sale right here at RAW2K, including models from leading manufacturers like Citroen, Toyota and BMW. Why not take a look around, and see what you can find?