RAW2K is a market-leading vehicle auction business

Working with the public and private sectors, we manage the disposal, de-fleet, salvage or scrappage of vehicles. We manage the collection and safe storage of vehicles, from 'unrecorded' no damage vehicles to accident damaged 'breaker only'. We then either auction suitable vehicles to members of our online selling platform, or depollute and recycle End-of-Life Vehicles (ELVs).

As part of the Recycling Lives Group we offer an all-in-one solution to the removal and resale or recycling of vehicles.
We not only guarantee keen commercial pricing and excellent service levels, but meet the highest environmental standards and all compliance obligations around the correct disposal of vehicles.
Together with Recycling Lives - a unique social business which uses its commercial operations in the recycling and waste management sector to support and sustain a number of social programmes - RAW2K is creating social impact with every contract it wins.
Recycling Lives social programmes, concerned with food redistribution, offender rehabilitation and services to tackle homelessness, created millions of pounds of social value each year; directly supported and sustained by the Recycling Lives Group.

Working with RAW2K allows public and private sector organisations to enjoy more than just financial value from contracts, as they see the tangible social impact created by Recycling Lives.