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Online car auctions for motorhomes and caravans

With decades of experience behind us, RAW2K is the UK’s best site for finding a huge range of used, seized and salvage motorhomes and caravans. We take pride in the fact that our auctions aren’t dealer only – anyone can search, sign up and start bidding, no matter their credentials or level of mechanical knowledge.

Our listings have all been designed to be intuitive and easy to understand, with all key information laid out at a glance. What’s more, these listings are regularly refreshed in new daily and weekly online auctions for caravans and motorhomes. That means if you can’t find what you’re looking for at first, it’s worth checking back every so often – you never know what you might find!

Why buy a caravan or motorhome in an online car auction?

There are all sorts of reasons why our customers prefer RAW2K online car auctions to buy their caravans or motorhomes. Since the typical vehicle from our stock will be classed as used, seized or salvage, it gives customers brilliant opportunities to save hundreds or even thousands of pounds, as opposed to buying a brand new model.

What’s more, certain models can be a fantastic source of spare parts, which can then be used to fix up other similar vehicles, or sold on separately for a profit. In fact, many of our customers use online car auctions for motorhomes and caravans to more easily locate certain makes or models that might be a challenge to find elsewhere.

Quick guide to the salvage categories for auction motorhomes

Many of our caravans and motorhomes are in good condition with light damage, making them good for many more years of service. Some of these motorhomes have been in accidents, which means they’re sold with anything between slight, moderate to significant damage. When a vehicle or caravan is damaged, it’s assigned a salvage category (or salvage title) by the insurer. This is to provide an immediate indication to the buyer of what level of damage the vehicle has suffered.

These salvage categories are as follows:

  • Category N (formerly Category D) – Non-structural damage
  • Category S (formerly Category C) – notable Structural damage
  • Category B – extensive structural damage

Technically, there is one more category; Category A. However, under UK law, vehicles stipulated as Category A are strictly scrap only, and so wouldn’t be useful to even the most enterprising of customers!

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