What makes the UK’s biggest car brands so popular?

Many of the world’s biggest brands have decades of history behind them - some, like Renault and BMW, over a century. However, defunct brands like Daewoo are proof enough that age doesn’t automatically equate to success in the global car industry. However, many of the car manufacturers you’ll find in our own online car auctions have invested millions into painstakingly carving out their own niches within the industry, and crafting their reputations into brands that will attract customers year after year. So let’s take a look at five of the most popular car brands in the UK, and examine some of the elements of exactly what makes them so popular.


If there’s one thing you can say about Honda after all these years, it's definitely earned the trust of consumers and industry experts alike. The manufacturer has won more Car and Driver Top manufacturer awards than any other car brand in history - its current tally stands at around 80! It’s about more than just awards, though. Honda vehicles are also amongst the best at retaining their value, partially due to their high reliability and fuel efficiency - two of our highest priorities when buying new cars.

Helped in no small part by their distinctively quirky ads, the company has also thrived on its reputation for innovation, especially in the area of safety. Today, many of their vehicles, such as the Honda Civic, consistently earn top safety ratings. That’s to say nothing of their highly successful range of motorbikes, too!


The appeal of the Volkswagen is evident in its very name, reflecting the original vision of its founders for creating a vehicle that was truly ‘the people’s car’. It’s done a fantastic job of sticking to that motto, too - cars produced by this world-famous German manufacturer are well equipped, practical and versatile, excelling as all-round family cars, great options for first-time buyers, or as vehicles for business travel. Throughout it all, Volkswagen cars are renowned for being affordably priced, with safety and reliability having always been mainstays of the brand.


In much the same sphere as Volkswagen, Renault are known amongst the public for their affordable city and family cars. In fact, they’re made mostly with affordability and economy foremost in mind. While they’re not immune from going wrong occasionally, repairs generally aren’t prohibitively expensive. This is partially because the parts for Renault are so common and widespread that they’re quite easy to source, which often makes them simpler and faster to repair than other types of vehicles. It’s one of the reasons they’re quite so popular with many of our professional customers here at RAW2K - mechanics and dealers looking for a great price on cars that can be quickly fixed up and sold on for a profit.

What makes things even easier is the fact that the interiors of many factory Renault cars are comparatively simple, without the luxury and sometimes experimental electrics and technology that’s the hallmark of many other brands. That comes in handy because it means there’s less to go wrong, increasing their overall reliability - a lesson that perhaps Land Rover could stand to learn from!


The best or nothing. That’s long been the motto of Mercedes-Benz, and by all accounts it’s always been focused on sticking to that. (We can see why - personally we think it’s a very snappy slogan.) Innovation and driver comfort are amongst the key priorities of Mercedes-Benz, principles they apply to all the vehicles they design to be luxurious both inside and out.

Like Honda, the manufacturer’s commitment to safety is also another attractive element for customers, and it was in fact Mercedes-Benz engineers who invented the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), which is today widely used on everything from consumer cars to buses to aircraft. There’s also, of course, the element of prestige to Mercedes-Benz - it positions itself as an aspirational brand, one that’s long been associated with class and luxury. It’s a marketing strategy that’s worked for the brand for decades, and will likely bring them continual success for decades to come.


As with its fellow luxury automotive manufacturer, the style and prestige of BMW has reliably drawn customers almost ever since its inception. Consumers have always loved the look of BMW vehicles, famous for their sleek aesthetics. Their beauty is more than skin-deep, though; BMW engines have won multiple awards for their quality engineering, and it’s an aspect that the German brand has been sure to capitalise on - how often do you hear the phrase ‘quality German engineering?’.

Like Mercedes-Benz, BMW cars are also universally praised for their high quality interiors, which feature a range of comfortable seats and in-car technology. Often, this technology takes the form of handy driving aids like automatic parking and reversing cameras.

You can find superb examples from every brand listed here - and many more! - in our expansive online car auctions here at RAW2K. Whether you’re a first time buyer, a first time driver, or an experienced professional mechanic, you can be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for in our range of used, seized and salvage vehicles. Why not take a look around, and see what you can find?