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It’s a question we get asked fairly often here at RAW2K. The short answer - all trade members purchasing Category B vehicles must hold a valid Waste Carriers Licence in order to transport vehicles from our agents. That probably means absolutely nothing to you if you’re not familiar with the waste disposal industry and what we do here, but it’s something that’s worth knowing if you’re someone that’s looking to take advantage of our fantastic online vehicle auctions.

There are a few factors worth mentioning when discussing this licence, so let’s break it down.

What is a Waste Carriers Licence?

Essentially, if you’re looking to carry waste (like a category B vehicle from our online auctions!) on a public highway, you must have a valid Waste Carriers Licence. This goes for anyone, or any business that transports, buys, sells or disposes of waste or arranges for someone else to buy, sell or dispose of waste. There are two types of Waste Carriers Licence, an upper and a lower tier. Most opt for the former, which allows you to carry waste from other businesses, as the lower tier only allows you to dispose of waste that you produce, but does not expire.

Where can I get a Waste Carriers License?

Like most licences, you’ll need to go through the official government website. The application process is a fairly simple, and all you have to do is fill in a few details about your business practices, and you’ll be ready to go. You’ll need to apply for a Waste Carriers Licence if you do one of the following:

  • Transport waste (a carrier)
  • Buys, sells or disposes of waste (a dealer)
  • Arrange for someone else to buy, sell or dispose of waste (a broker/ disposal business owner)

What if I don’t register?

Failure to register as a waste carrier is illegal if you transport, trade or act as a broker, and if caught, you could face legal action in the form of a fine and/or seizure of the vehicle you used to transport the waste. What’s more, because a considerable number of commercial contracts with large organisations include an obligation on the subcontractor to comply with the current environmental law, failure to comply with these obligations is likely to constitute a breach of contract.

So, to put all this into context, if you’re purchasing category B vehicles from our online car auctions, you need to make sure that you’re licensed to remove it from the premises, or you could face legal action, as well as a fine of up to £5000.

Once you’ve got a licence, you’re good to go! Our online car auctions list thousands of used, salvaged and seized vehicles every week. The vast majority of the vehicles you’ll find online on our website are salvage cars, vans and motorcycles. These salvage cars attract thousands of trade and non-trade customers from around the UK, who bid on them in our fast, easy online vehicle auctions. So, whether you’re just a hobbyist, or a full time professional mechanic, why not take a look around, and see what you can find?