salvage vehicle auctions

s you may already know if you’ve purchased a salvage vehicle from us before, you’ve got a huge range of choice in our online car auctions, especially since they’re refreshed on a daily and weekly basis. However, there are far more than just regular commuter cars to choose from - our varied inventory also includes a number of other specialised types of motors, from quad bikes to motorhomes. Here’s a brief idea of what else you can expect to find!

Expand your fleet with our van and light commercial vehicle auctions

If you need to replace a vehicle on short notice, or you’re looking for a used van to expand your business fleet, you’ll find plenty to choose from amongst our vehicle auctions. You can be as selective as you like, depending on what you’re planning to use the van for. Our stock includes a variety of lightly damaged salvage vehicles, but the extent of the damage (if any) can range widely, from minor mechanical issues to simple cracked windows, and many aren’t huge jobs to fix. You can also expect to find time-honoured models like the Ford Transit, the Mercedes Sprinter, the Peugeot Partner and the Renault Kangoo. 

Pick your favourite two-wheeler from our motorcycle auctions

This is another major category of ours here at RAW2K, and riders, mechanics and enthusiasts alike will have plenty of chances to pick up a bargain. As with our cars and vans, you can expect to find bikes from world-famous manufacturers, which gives you the chance to get your hands on some brilliant used models from giants like Suzuki and Yamaha. Some have structural damage, making them excellent fixer-uppers for hobbyists, whereas others have light (sometimes cosmetic) damage, making it a relatively quick job to repair them and get them out on the roads again. Whether you’re looking for a nippy new vehicle to slash time off your commute, or you’re looking for a hardy offroader for the weekends, you won’t be short of choice in our motorcycle auctions!

Get revved up about our quad bike auctions

Our quad bikes don’t have a dedicated section of their own, but often pop up in our motorcycle category. They’re often preferred for leisure activities, but they can potentially be made road legal. However, they do follow the same rules as motorbikes, which means they must be road approved, registered, taxed and have an MOT (if they’re older than 3 years) if you’re planning on using them on the road. When looking through our stock, you’ll probably find the majority won’t have these already, because they don’t meet road safety standards. If you want to buy it for use on the road, the first thing you’ll need to do is check with the manufacturer, so that you don’t accidentally waste time or money. Once you’ve got it in your possession, it then needs to be registered with the DVLA, so that it can have front and rear number plates. You personally need to have a full car licence (or a category B1 licence if you earned yours before Jan 1997). Obviously it needs lights whether or not you’re planning on driving it after dark, and insurance isn’t optional either! You’ll probably find your options for carrying passengers are extremely limited - it can only have passengers if it’s designed to, and most won’t be. If you’re planning on using it for agricultural use, this has its own set of approval methods, as it needs to be registered as a light agricultural vehicle. As you may already know if you work in that sector, the quad bike can’t have passengers under these circumstances. 

Many of the bikes that you’d expect to find in our auctions will require you (or someone you know) to be a little bit handy with a toolbox, so it’s worth knowing that going in!

Thinking about a holiday? Take a look at our caravans and motorhomes!

Our caravan and motorhome auctions include a wide array of models, ranging from trailer caravans with little in the way of mechanics to full-on motorhomes, which naturally require the same level of attention and mechanical work as other cars. And of course, once the caravan or motorhome as been fixed up from a mechanical perspective, there’s then the matter of furnishing it - so it could make quite the project for an enterprising customer. Plus, you may like to reward yourself with a small holiday at the end of it!

Unlike physical auction houses, which are notorious for being time-intensive and often confusing and disorienting, our online car auctions are designed to be as simple as possible. All the information you need is right there on the page, and it’s just a matter of searching, signing up, and start bidding! So, whether you’re looking for a new motor or a new project for the weekends, or even something to fix up and sell on, no matter what kind of vehicle it is, you can expect to see it right here at RAW2K!