Man locking car

According to the office of National Statistics, vehicle crime is on the rise. There were more than 130,500 motor vehicle thefts in England and Wales in 2022/23 – a significant increase compared with the 104,435 of the previous year. As well as thefts of the vehicles themselves, AA Insurance Services data also noted a 9.9% rise in vehicle break-ins (almost 213,00 incidents in 2022, up from 193,647 the previous year).

That understandably makes security a priority for countless drivers as we move further into a brand new year. So, if you’ve recently bought a car from one of our online car auctions and you’re looking for some of the best ways to protect it, here are some of our top suggestions!


Steering locks

When it comes to vehicle security, steering wheel locks stand out as visible deterrents that not only catch the eye but also act as formidable barriers against potential thieves. In fact, not only is it an imposing defence in itself, but it also sends a clear message that you take vehicle security seriously – and since the vast majority of thieves are opportunists, most simply won’t bother with taking the extra risk.


Pick your parking spots carefully

Choosing where to park your vehicle can significantly impact its vulnerability to theft. It’s always best to opt for well-lit and busy areas that can discourage potential thieves. Criminals are less likely to target vehicles in locations where they are easily seen by passersby. Additionally, parking near surveillance cameras or within sight of businesses can amplify the security measures, providing an added layer of protection.


Always make sure to secure your keys

Storing keys in a secure and inconspicuous location at home is a fundamental practice that can prevent unauthorised access. With keyless theft consistently on the rise, this is especially important if your car has keyless entry – it’s worth investing in a signal-blocking pouch or other kind of Faraday cage, as this can prevent “relay attacks” – where the signal is bounced from your key to your car from a distance, allowing it to be remotely unlocked without the need to physically enter your home.


Always lock and double check

It sounds so simple as to be obvious, but it’s still worth highlighting! One thing that can make a substantial difference is to develop a routine of double-checking that your vehicle is properly locked before leaving it unattended. Thieves often exploit unlocked vehicles or those with open windows, making this consistent vigilance a critical aspect of vehicle security. Beyond ensuring the doors are locked, it’s also a good idea to verify that all windows are closed and the sunroof is secure, which adds an additional layer of protection.

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