The RAW2K network is growing nationally

RAW2K has added two more scrap car collection centres to its network, moving into new sites in Durham and Falkirk.

The move means RAW2K is now able to process and auction more salvage vehicles than ever before.

This is a huge step for us, our suppliers and our customers alike, allowing us to manage more vehicle disposals than ever before, as part of our ongoing national growth. 

The move is significant for our parent company Recycling Lives, which will operate the sites as processing and depollution of salvage and scrap cars. 

Recycling Lives uses scrap vehicles and recycling processes to create work experience opportunities and training for individuals who are looking to turn their lives around, including ex-offenders and the long-term unemployed. 

Working with Recycling Lives allows RAW2K to create real opportunities for disadvantaged communities, so every car auctioned through RAW2K benefits the charity and contributes to the Social Value that Recycling Lives creates. Sales of vehicles through the RAW2K site directly contribute to Recycling Lives’ charitable work at no extra cost to the seller or to the buyer.

The new Durham and Falkirk sites will both specialise in processing scrap and salvage vehicles . Vehicles unsuitable for auction on our platform will be depolluted by our teams of specialists – removing fluids and pollutants before being recycled Recycling Lives Recycling Park where they are processed and reduced, separating all recyclable parts.

By adding two new ELV centres to our network we can process more scrap cars for sale at our other sites, meaning the quality and quantity of salvaged cars for sale on the RAW2K online car auction site can only increase.

Both the Durham and Falkirk sites will have a direct positive impact on local employment as Recycling Lives will save and create 16 jobs across the two facilities. 

Senior Operations Manager Anthony Sharkey explained: “Not only do these sites represent a committed investment in our business and the site’s local economies, they’ll also contribute to creating social impact for communities by supporting and sustaining Recycling Lives’ charitable programmes to create real social value.”

At RAW2K we are committed to bringing the best salvage and Police recovered vehicles to auction, by sourcing the more vehicles to deliver more quality, and providing the best service. And, we are striving to continue the great work Recycling Lives does allowing our customers to effortlessly contribute to a worthwhile cause.