reliable toyota car

Reliability is, by far, one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a new car - whether it’s a brand new one or a bargain you’ve spotted in one of our online car auctions. In some cases, repairs can end up being the most expensive aspect of running a car, so the more reliable your car is in general, the more economical it’ll probably end up working out to be.

Now here at RAW2K, we stock thousands of salvage vehicles for you to choose from, so you’ll be spoiled for choice whether you’re looking for something to take to pieces for parts, or even a new personal vehicle to get you from A to B. Some of the former types of vehicles have sustained heavy damage, but others may only feature a bit of aesthetic damage such as scratches here and there, with the engine and electrics still in perfect working order.

So if you’re looking for a new second-hand car to serve as your personal motor, here are some of the most reliable vehicles to look out for amongst our range!

Toyota Prius

A popular choice for taxi businesses and company cars, the Toyota Prius boasts extremely low annual car maintenance costs, which has led it to becoming one of the most imported cars to the UK to date. A survey by WhatCar worked out that the average repair costs for a Prius during the first five years of ownership was around £190. The general reliability, and exceptionally low maintenance costs led to the Prius being named the most reliable car in the country back in 2020, and for that reason, it’s cemented its place on our list.

Hyundai i10

This popular little city car was worked out to have an average repair cost of only £147.25 based on the same models that the Prius was measured against. The i10 finished 6th in the WhatCar Reliability Survey 2021, and also comes with Hyundai’s 5 year/unlimited mileage warranty, plus 12 months of roadside assistance should any problems arise. Cheap, small, reliable - the i10 really is the perfect city car. For these reasons, the Hyundai i10 grabs the silver medal position on our list.

Toyota Yaris

We present our winner - the Toyota Yaris has been consistently named as one of the cheapest cars to repair for years. Its small size and limited features mean there are physically fewer things to go wrong in the vehicle, bringing the overall average repair cost down to roughly £186.70 according to the WhatCar Reliability Index. Unsurprisingly, given that Toyota finished fifth in the 2021 What Car Reliability Survey, which included 30 of the world’s leading car manufacturers, the Yaris takes top spot on our list.

We hope we’ve highlighted that it’s far more important to consider more than just the price of a car when you’re looking for a new one. On top of the upfront cost, repairs and insurance need to be considered as well. By choosing a reliable runner, you may find you save yourself a lot of money (as well as headaches) in the future!

So, whether you’re a mechanic or a private driver, we specialise in providing you with the best bargains on used vehicles. Our online car auctions are refreshed on a daily and weekly basis, and we include makes and models available from some of the world’s leading manufacturers, like VolkswagenFordRenault, and many more. Why not take a look around, and see what you can find? There’s always a bargain to be found!