Ulez Zone sign

This year saw the final and most ambitious expansion yet of London’s Ultra Low Emissions Zone, which now covers every London borough. That means every car that passes through the Zone’s boundaries must meet minimum emissions standards, or else the drivers need to pay a daily charge for every day that the car finds itself within the Zone – even if it’s travelling through only very briefly, or even parked up and not being driven at all. 

Now, while obviously this stands to affect Londoners the most at the moment, it has national implications. To varying extents, it also stands to affect countless drivers from the rest of the UK, who may find themselves travelling to London for events, appointments, personal excursions or business trips. So even if you don’t live in our nation’s capital proper, if you expect to find yourself there on a semi-regularly basis, it’s worth thinking about whether it’s more cost-effective in the long term to change your car for one that meets the requirements of the ULEZ

That’s where we can help here at RAW2K, with a huge range of cars to choose from in our online salvage auctions, which are refreshed on a daily and weekly basis. So if you’re thinking about switching to a ULEZ-compliant car, it’s worth keeping an eye on our auctions for one of the following…

Ford Fiesta

Consistently ranked as one of the UK’s best selling cars, the Ford Fiesta is a party on four wheels – its engaging drive is complemented by its affordability, and 2016 models retail around the £5000 mark. 

Its compact size also makes it nicely suited to urban environments, and its manoeuvrability make it wonderfully easy to park in tight city centres. The fuel efficiency is another big draw, and many models are notable for their low emissions, enabling them to easily comply with the restrictions put in place by the ULEZ. There are a variety of engine options to choose from two, encompassing both petrol and diesel varieties. A comfortable interior and a reputation for reliability rounds off the Fiesta’s key qualities. 

Skoda Citigo

Famously well-suited for city driving, Skoda Citigo models can sometimes be listed for as low as £2000, making it an exceptionally economical choice. Like the Ford Fiesta, it’s notable for a compact design that enables it to easily navigate the narrow streets and tight corners that are so characteristic of city centres. (As an extra bonus, it’s also easy to park.)

Once again, the fuel efficiency is another major draw, and of course, certain models of the Skoda Citigo have particularly low emissions, bringing them well within ULEZ specifications. That makes them a popular choice for new drivers, and it’s frequently chosen for its reliability and cost-effectiveness. 

Audi A3

Luxury, performance and low emissions all in one easy package – it’s no wonder the Audi A3 is so popular. With a price tag that starts around £7000, it’s not quite as cheap as our other entries so far, but even if you’re not a petrol-head, you’ll probably find its elegant design, plush interior and comfortable drive an irresistible combination. 

Featuring a sophisticated range of in-car tech and an array of engine options, including efficient diesel and petrol variants, the A3 caters to diverse preferences for performance and fuel efficiency.

Some models of the Audi A3, particularly those with modern, low-emission engines or hybrid options, may comply with Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) standards. Its blend of style, performance, and capacity for compliance makes it the go-to choice for drivers looking to meet ULEZ requirements with a touch of class.  

Renault Zoe

If you’re looking to go electric for the first time, you can’t go far wrong with the Renault Zoe. Priced from £5500, it’s pretty affordable for an EV, and combines a compact design with a decent range (one of the single biggest concerns around electric vehicles), which makes it a practical choice even when making moderately long journeys on a regular basis. 

And of course, all-electric vehicle is effortlessly compliant with ULEZ restrictions, producing zero tailpipe emissions. The Zoe’s combination of affordability, practicality, and zero-emission capabilities makes it a popular choice for drivers looking to embrace electric mobility and comply with ULEZ standards.

Those are just a couple of our top suggestions, but it’s not an exhaustive list by any means – keep an eye on our online car auctions, and you might be surprised at what else you can find! We supply a huge range of used, seized and salvage cars to choose from in our online car auctions, which are refreshed on a daily and weekly basis. They include models from world-leading manufacturers like Ford and Vauxhall, as well as others, including Honda and Peugeot. Why not take a look around, and see what you can find?