Like Mercedes and BMW, Audi is known for being a luxurious and high performance brand, often owned by people who really, really like their cars. And so it’s probably no surprise that on the whole, people tend to regard Audi parts as generally being pretty expensive. (Often, it can be cheaper for mechanics and breakers to buy a salvage car from Audi and simply take it to pieces to get the parts they need, rather than source a part individually - and that’s exactly what our online salvage car auctions are so useful for right here at RAW2K!) So is there any truth to this theory?

Are Audi parts expensive?

The short answer is yes, Audi parts are indeed pretty expensive on the whole. In fact, the price and occasional scarcity of these parts is a big part of why Audi cars can be so notoriously expensive to repair. Audi drivers tend to find this is true for even the most routine of jobs, including maintenance on the brakes and exhaust, batteries and electrical elements (such as infotainment systems), steering, and suspension.

The gearbox can be an especially expensive problem for drivers, as just an auto gearbox repair can cost over £400. For a manual gearbox repair, that goes up to more than £500, and a reconditioned gearbox will set a driver back an eye-watering £700.

Because of all this, MOT tests and routine services for Audi vehicles can end up being notably more costly than their equivalents for cheaper brands, such as Renault or Peugeot. In fact, perhaps unsurprisingly, Audi is one of the most expensive car brands to maintain, even more so than other luxury brands like Mercedes and BMW.

However, it’s worth bearing in mind that when it comes to car repairs, it’s not just the price alone that matters - the value you’re getting out of those repairs is also heavily influenced by the overall reliability of the car. The savings you make from cheaper repairs can quickly start to be outweighed if those very repairs need to be performed more frequently. In these sorts of scenarios, the more expensive repairs for a more expensive car might seem like the less desirable option at first, but if those repairs need to be performed less frequently then it may well end up providing you with the best value in the long run.

One reason why Audi parts can often be more expensive is because they’re made to very exacting standards, and sometimes intended for use on specific models. That can give them a longer operational lifespan in the long run, ultimately providing better value to drivers. It’s not a hard and fast rule of course, but that’s just one reason why choosing a new car isn’t always an easy decision!

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Why choose a seized, used or salvage Audi?

The price of brand new Audis can sometimes be prohibitively expensive, so if you’re a private driver who’s got your heart set on one, it’s definitely worth a look through the models in our online salvage car auctions right here at RAW2K. Now, we know what you’re thinking, but it’s worth bearing in mind that not all of the Audis in our salvage car auctions have suffered serious damage. The nature of salvage categories means even light cosmetic damage can be enough to turn a standard Audi into a Category N salvage car, even though its driving and mechanics could remain completely unaffected.

If you’re lucky enough to find a lightly damaged salvage car from Audi amongst our range, then all you have to do is look after it, and you can be sure that it will look after you. That means driving it with care, avoiding slamming on the brakes, and having it serviced regularly. It might be a little costly in the short term, but preventative maintenance is almost always cheaper than being caught off-guard by a much bigger problem!

And if you’re a mechanic, or someone who works in the automotive industry, then salvage Audis are useful cars to break down for parts, especially if they’re still intact with some of the most expensive or difficult-to-source components. Having the parts on hand allows you to keep your overheads down, and offer the best prices for more expensive repairs to your customers - ensuring that they’ll keep coming back to you over and over again.

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