lost keys

Let’s be honest, we’ve all done it. If you’re on the go a lot, the chances that you’ve misplaced your keys at some point are pretty high. This can be an especially annoying occurrence if you’re currently in the process of trying to sell your car at auction. However, you’ll be happy to hear missing keys are not the end of the world here at RAW2K. Many of our online car auctions advertise accident damaged vehicles that have been involved in road collisions or similar impacts, and we provide plenty of scrap cars, which can serve as an invaluable source of spare parts for buyers with more specialist mechanical experience.

Now, when compared to some of the vehicles that get listed on our online auctions, a vehicle with a missing set of keys is really not something that’s going to deter most buyers! However, there are a couple of things to be aware of if you’re thinking of listing a vehicle with us.

Will RAW2K still accept my car, even without keys?

Absolutely! As mentioned above, our auctions list a massive range of vehicles here at RAW2K, and many of them feature small bits of accident damage, which can be anything from technical, electronic or body based. However, it’s worth reiterating that we won’t just take anything! The cars we list are categorised according to to the Association of British Insurers, with each classification designed to provide a rough indication of their general condition. Here are the main categories in full:

  • Category N (formerly Cat D) – vehicles with non-structural faults
  • Category S (formerly Cat C) – vehicles suffering notable structural damage
  • Category B – salvage cars with extensive structural damage. Parts can be taken but the main body must be scrapped
  • Category A – beyond any repair. Strictly scrap only

We stock both category S vehicles and category N vehicles (including those missing keys), but we won’t stock any category A or B salvage cars. They’re often so badly damaged that there’s very little point!

Will the price I get for my vehicle be affected if I’ve lost my keys?

The truth is, there’s no straight answer to this question. Since we’re an auction site, the price you receive for your vehicle is very much determined by how much somebody wants it. You set the starting price, and from there the bidders will do their…well, bidding.

We would say that generally speaking though, listing a vehicle without a working set of keys is likely to draw in slightly fewer bids than a vehicle with keys, basically because it’s likely to pose an extra set of difficulties for the buyer. For example, a lost set of keys means that it’s likely that the doors of your vehicle will be locked, restricting access to the interior, and making it more difficult to manoeuvre it onto the collection truck. As a result, it might necessitate smashing a window in order to gain access to the vehicle, so that they can release the handbrake, allowing them to tow it. Plus, restricted access to the fuel cap will mean that in order to siphon any remaining fuel out of the car’s tank, the fuel pipe may need to be cut.

All this extra work comes at the expense of both your buyer’s time and money, so it’s likely to be a contributing factor of the price you receive for your vehicle. On the flip side though, it’s worth remembering that our target market often isn’t looking for cars that will run. Instead, many will probably be more interested in vehicles that they can take apart for scrap, so it’s always worth listing your vehicle to see what sort of response you get - regardless, you won’t be walking away empty handed!

So, feel free to list your car with us even if you have misplaced your keys! Here at RAW2K, we make it really simple for you to sell your salvage car. Once you’ve confirmed the age of your vehicle, you can set a starting price, and you’re ready to go. Our online car auctions list thousands of used, salvaged and seized vehicles every week. So, whether you’re just a hobbyist, or a full time professional mechanic, why not take a look around, and see what you can find?