Speed Camera

OK, so right off the bat it’s worth acknowledging that the word ‘ultra’ tends toward sounding a little futuristic, and perhaps even a little intimidating. But perhaps you could be forgiving for thinking those associations might not be entirely accidental. They are enforcement devices, after all!

At heart though, the ‘ultra’ speed camera is simply a more sophisticated speed camera. Having been approved for use last year, they’re now being rolled out across the UK, and drivers are being encouraged to keep an eye out for them – especially younger drivers, who are (statistically) more prone to speeding. 

It’s also worth being particularly careful if you’ve recently bought a second-hand car from one of our own online car auctions. When you’re still getting to know the capabilities of a relatively new car, it can be surprisingly easy to get caught off-guard by its acceleration – and that’s the kind of thing that can easily take you far enough over the limit (even briefly) to get caught out. 

What are ultra speed cameras?

Sometimes known as spot cameras, ultra speed cameras are essentially just even more sophisticated traffic enforcement cameras, and ones that improve upon the known flaws of their predecessors. 

Like all speed cameras up until now, they’re painted yellow and in operation for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They’re notably smaller than other devices though, which means they’ll be more difficult to notice when you’re travelling at speed. 

They use infra-red low-light technology and don’t ‘flash’ when triggered – even at night or in bad weather – so drivers won’t necessarily know they’ve been fined. That also means they don’t need painted lines on the road (which is a known tell-tale sign of these cameras for drivers). They can also track two-way traffic, as opposed to older cameras which could only track vehicles in the left-hand lane. That means they can be used for speed enforcement and red light enforcement, making them notably versatile as far as councils and police forces are concerned.  

Now, it’s true that they do use AI (although not to the extent that some people are claiming). Specifically, they use a video-based system that works with ‘an intelligent virtual grid’. This can help them determine if a driver is speeding, using a mobile phone, or wearing a seat belt. It’s then subject to secondary review (often by a human) to determine if the offence did indeed take place. 

When are the cameras being activated?

Well, we know it won’t be particularly welcome news – but these cameras are here already. They’re currently being rolled out across the country, and they’re present in stretches of road in Cornwall, Devon, Wales, and parts of Manchester. Greater Manchester Police have gone on record as saying that more than 100 new speed cameras have already been installed in various places around the city. 

Right now, they’re mostly being concentrated in particularly high-risk sections of road. Four cameras were installed on roads in Cornwall known for their high rate of speeding vehicles and collision rates, and they racked up 3280 tickets between them just in the first fortnight. One camera in particular was activated an average of 120 times per day – so you can see why they’re already looking so attractive as an enforcement method. Keep your eyes peeled!

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