5 of the most reliable used cars for 2019

Here at RAW2K, we get customers looking for used or salvage cars for all sorts of reasons. While many are searching our online car auctions looking for cars to fix up or sell, still more are looking for used cars they can put to work as their next motor. Obviously, for those people, reliability is a key factor in their decision, so to give you a headstart, we’ve summed up five of the most reliable used cars you can find amongst our salvage car auctions!

1. Toyota RAV4

Near the top of just about everyone’s list at the moment is the Toyota RAV4, which is probably no surprise to anyone who owns one, especially given the Japanese manufacturer’s long pedigree of producing durable and long-lived vehicles. Just under 29% of Toyota RAV4 owners reported a fault last year, with most of the issues revolving around the suspension or the brakes (which is always a worrying one!). The engine electrics and the fuel systems had their fair share of gremlins too. All told, though, the cost of repairs for owners ranged from £750 at the top end, to completely free!

2. BMW 3 series

This family saloon car makes a particularly useful transport for salespeople, and others who regularly find themselves undertaking long-distance motorway journeys. Throughout 2018, just 17% of owners reported a fault with their BMW 3 series, with the most common mechanical issues centred on the non-engine electrics - such as the air conditioning system. Drivers could typically expect to pay up to £750 on repair bills.

3. Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is one of those used cars which tends to make these lists year on year, and 2019 is no different. The latest models of Ford’s flagship hatchback have been fitted with diesel engines, which have been acclaimed as being highly reliable. (Though diesel engines are at the centre of a lot of controversy, currently!) Around 18% of owners reported a problem last year, which was mostly to do with the fuel system, gearbox, engine, or - most frequently - the battery. About half of the vehicles concerned, though, were so new that they were actually fixed under warranty. Again, drivers could mostly expect to pay £750 at the very most to repair the ones that weren’t.

4. Vauxhall Corsa

This is another one that probably won’t be a shock to you, as it’s consistently been one of the UK’s favourite cars. The Vauxhall Corsa first launched here all the way back in 1993, and the latest 5th generation of vehicles were launched in 2014. (A 6th is expected to be released later on this year.) According to the experts, one of the key elements of its lasting appeal is its reliability coupled with its value for money, which makes it a big draw for driving schools and new drivers alike.

5. Volkswagen Polo

A familiar name across the nation, the Volkswagen Polo is a small hatchback that’s the second biggest seller in the manufacturer’s range. It’s in the top 5th percentile of the Reliability Index of Top 100 Cars, and the latest iteration of the Volkswagen Polo was actually rated 5 stars by What Car. As well as their lasting reliability, there’s a lot to be said for Volkswagen vehicles in terms of their depreciation, too. They’ve been ranked as 3rd in the Money Saving Expert’s list in the top 10 car brands that hold their value, so you can rest assured it won’t depreciate quickly.

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