family car

Not every family car necessarily has to be brand new. In fact, if you’re under the cosh for cash, buying a used car from one of our online vehicle auctions can be the perfect way to get yourself a bargain! Buying a family car requires a slightly different approach than buying one for just your own personal use though, and there are some very specific qualities it will need to have. We’ve summed up five of the most important ones below!

1. Safety First

Cars come in all shapes and sizes, with different specs to boot, and this can often make it difficult to ascertain whether a car will be suitable for you and your family. Safety specifications are likely to differ depending on the size of your family. For example, if you are a young family with infants, you will ideally want a car with ample space for car seats in the back, or, if you’re a bigger family, finding a car that can comfortably accommodate more than four passengers may be your priority. (It’s a good idea to take a look at the Euro NCAP for your vehicle of choice for all your safety queries.)

2. Free Space

A family car needs space for family-sized cargo, so finding a used car with plenty of boot space is crucial. Whether it’s a pram for your toddler, your weekly shopping or a family road trip, the taxi of Mum or Dad needs to have enough space for everyone’s luggage. Whilst SUVs are usually the go-to for boot space, plenty of hatchbacks now come with this desirable trait too, leaving you with plenty of choice!

3. Childproofing

Let's be honest, children have an inexplicably magical ability to somehow get dirt in even the tiniest of spaces, so finding a car that is easy to clean (inside and out) will save you a lot of time and aggro. When searching for a used car or salvage car you want to use as a family vehicle, we advised that you ensure that the used car you want is as childproof as possible and, ideally, in as pristine a condition as possible. On RAW2K you can find all kinds of used cars, from those that are near perfect to those that need plenty of TLC. For you and your family, we recommend the former.

4. Cool Features

You might be surprised at what you can find on a budget. Whilst we’re not quite at the level where cars can fly, you can find plenty of cool features that will be sure to keep your family entertained during long road trips. Whether it’s drop-down cupholders in the back, built-in multimedia functionality or even mobile charging ports, cars now have an array of features that will save you and your family from boredom!

5. Think of your future family

As your family grows up, so do their needs, so making sure you choose a car that is built to last is imperative. From toddlers to teens, your car should be your family’s trusted steed, reliable and flexible to the changes your family go through over the years. The adage, ‘they grow up so fast’, holds true here, and buying a car that still accommodates your children, 5 to 10 years down the line, will ensure that you have invested in both your present and your future.

And as you might expect, you’ll find plenty of used, seized or salvage family cars to choose from right here in our online vehicle auctions at RAW2K! We’ve got makes and models available from some of the world’s leading manufacturers, including Toyota, Volkswagen and Ford – so why not take a look around, and see what you can find?