5 great reasons to choose a hatchback

We take care to stock a huge range of cars in our online vehicle auctions here at RAW2K, from SUVs to saloons to sedans to hatchbacks. In fact, hatchbacks are especially popular cars, with enduring popularity spanning across a whole range of demographics and backgrounds. In fact, hatchbacks like Ford Fiesta and Volkswagen Corsa still routinely top the lists of the most UK’s best selling cars, and have been for quite some time. So what makes hatchbacks quite so popular? Well, we can think of just a few reasons…

1. They’re practical

If you’re even passingly familiar with Doctor Who, you may have already noticed some similarities between his treasured TARDIS and a trusty hatchback. No, it doesn’t hurtle through space and time - it’s bigger on the inside! Hatchbacks offer a deceptively large amount of boot space, often more than you might think from a quick look at their exterior. It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying it as a personal car, a business asset or a family vehicle - if you like big boots and you cannot lie, you can’t go wrong with a hatchback. There’s also plenty of legroom for passengers too, so if you’ve got regular company on your journeys, it’s easier to make sure everyone passes the time in comfort and happiness. 

2. They’re versatile

One of the other major draws of hatchbacks is that they’re perfectly at home in any environment. Most are hardy enough to take the knocks and bumps of rural roads, while their manoeuvrability and small size makes them easy to navigate (and park) in denser urban areas like towns and cities too. The ease of parking and manoeuvrability also makes things a lot easier if you’re making short dashes to the local shops, and they’ve got all the comfort and fuel efficiency you need to pass the time on long journeys too. 

3. They’re affordable and economical

The relatively low purchase prices are one of the biggest reasons that hatchbacks are such a big draw for new drivers, as we discussed in one of our more recent posts. (And obviously if you’re buying a salvage car from one of our own online car auctions, the rates are even better!) Not only are they cheap to buy, but they’re also cheap to run, too. As we touched on above, they’ve typically got great fuel efficiency, which is easier on your wallet at the pump, and maintenance generally isn’t too costly due to the widespread availability of parts. As an extra bonus, they’re often cheaper to insure too - yet another attractive feature for learner drivers!

4. They’re sleek and stylish

While all manufacturers pay close attention to the aesthetics of their vehicles, it has to be said that hatchbacks can often be relied upon to have a consistently stylish appeal. Their sleek look is largely due to the shorter rear end, giving them a hugely distinctive look. This also gives them a lot of - forgive us - ‘street cred’ amongst younger drivers, and highly popular amongst older drivers, too. After all, when it comes right down to it a lot of drivers would probably favour practicality over looks, but obviously, lots of us would rather not have to. Hatchbacks strike the perfect balance!

5. They hold their value

Even if you weren’t drawn by the practicality and looks, there’s no denying that lots of hatchbacks make sensible long-term investments. All cars depreciate, but models some models have been shown to hold their value particuarly well - such as the Mini Cooper, Toyota Prius c, and Subaru Impreza WRX hatchback. That means if a time comes when you sell your car on rather than scrapping it, you could make back a more substantial portion of your investment than you’d have managed to do with other models. 

And as you might expect, you’ll find plenty of hatchbacks to choose from right here in our online vehicle auctions here at RAW2K! We’ve got makes and models from some of the world’s leading manufacturers, such as Vauxhall, Renault and Peugeot - just to name a few! Why not take a look around, and see what you can find?