It's the start of a brand new year, and you’ve probably already got all your personal resolutions prepared for the year. But while you’re gearing up to make those changes in your life, have you thought about making any plans for your car this year? Running the UK’s number one online car auctions here at RAW2K, we’ve got a few ideas for you…

1. Maintain your car properly

Instigating a good maintenance schedule is probably one of the single most important (and helpful) things you can do for your car. Even if you don’t have a tonne of mechanical skills or tools, there are still lots of little things you can do throughout the year that will extend the operational lifespan of your car. For example, you can make sure that you change the fluids regularly, that your tyres are all inflated, and that you’ve got sufficient washer fluid.

And of course, booking it in for regular servicing can help save you a lot of money in the long run, as preventative maintenance can help catch developing problems before they become serious issues.

2. Keep it clean

Let’s be honest, it’s often easier said than done – especially if you’ve got children or dogs – but trust us, it’s worth putting in the elbow grease when you’ve got the time. For starters, having a good cleanout of the car can occasionally yield all sorts of treasures that you may have thought lost forever. Favourite pens, small books, sets of keys, that sort of thing. And even if nothing turns up, you might be surprised at how much peace of mind it gives you to have a clean car.

3. Drive as efficiently as you can

With the rising price of fuel set to continue being a major concern for drivers in 2023, it’s not a bad idea to think of ways you could personally be driving a bit more efficiently (if any). There are lots of small but effective techniques you can use to take the edge off. For example, rather than accelerating up to a set of lights and then braking when you’re relatively close to them, simply take your foot off the accelerator early and then cruise to a stop. It’s a much more gentle and pleasant way of driving, and it can save you a significant amount of fuel too.

Similarly, avoid accelerating too quickly off from traffic lights, as this can cost you a fair amount of fuel without any meaningful reward. Sometimes it can be tricky to toe the line between being a decisive driver and an outright aggressive one, but it’s something that’s always worth paying attention to. And of course, if you can, try and avoid any unnecessary journeys!

4. Keep up to speed with all the new driving laws

There’s a fair amount of new highway laws and changes on the roads that have been brought in recently, and still more to come later on in the year. Some of them can be quite hard to keep track of, which can make it all the more annoying if you end up receiving a fine because you’ve accidentally fallen afoul of any of them. Happily though, we’ve got you covered on that score here at RAW2K, with our quick roundup of all the most important recent driving laws.

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