4 key reasons why hatchbacks are so popular

Hatchbacks have always been a hugely popular choice of car for British motorists, and you may have already seen some great examples in our online car auctions. Today, it’s a car type which encompasses a huge range of models, including modest runabouts, more luxurious vehicles, and even sportier, more performance-oriented models, but they all share a common design in which entire rear end opens to provide access to the boot. Hatchbacks have always been particularly popular with younger drivers, but they’re a firm favourite for families and commuters too. When you consider all the advantages that they have to offer, that’s hardly surprising!

Practicality and storage space

One of the most obvious strengths of the average hatchback is the amount of storage space it offers, which is handy whether you’re moving into your first student digs, or taking the entire family out to the beach. Hatchbacks are designed to maximise space, so offer a number of features to make it easier to pack things into them, such as a lower boot lip and even the ability to fold down the rear seats if you need to transport bulkier items. Plus there’s plenty of space for passengers - not to mention lots of legroom to keep them happy!

Compact size and versatile driving experience

Another reason why hatchbacks tend to make such good ‘starter cars’ for first time drivers is that they offer an easy and responsive driving experience. This is largely due to their light construction and low centre of gravity, which also helps reduce the body roll issue that tends to affect larger cars like SUVs on those tighter corners. 

Hatchbacks can tackle those same tight corners with ease, and they’re well equipped to handle navigation around narrower city streets, or nestling themselves into those elusive parking spaces. Equally though, they’re perfectly capable of handling longer cross-country drives as well, making them highly versatile all rounders.

Economical to own and run

As you’ll know if you’ve ever picked up a hatchback from our salvage car auctions to ‘flip’ for profit, they tend to have a lower purchase price than larger cars like saloons or SUVs, which already makes them a big draw for dealers and mechanics. Plus, their smaller and simpler components makes it easy to source replacement parts, making them cheap to run and maintain. As an extra bonus, they tend to be cheaper to insure too. 

That lighter construction means that they’re among the most fuel efficient and environmentally friendly types of car currently on the roads, which often helps make them an easy sell to younger, increasingly more conscientious drivers. As well as having a highly affordable purchase price, they also tend to be very good at holding their value. 

They’re smart and stylish

Cars are rarely bought on their looks alone, but they can certainly help tip the balance every now and again! Hatchbacks boast a sleeker look with a shorter rear end than other cars, and their aesthetics can range from charming retro styling, or a sportier appearance with a more fresh and modern look. 

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