4 common problems with Vauxhall Corsas (and their 4 quick fixes)

We stock salvage cars from a broad range of leading manufacturers here at RAW2K, as you’ll know from just a quick look around our site! Vauxhall is one of these global manufacturers, and popular models of theirs include the Astra and of course, the ever-lovable supermini that is the Vauxhall Corsa. 

If you’re a professional mechanic looking to buy a Vauxhall Corsa in one of our online vehicle auctions to fix up and sell on for a profit, you’ll have no shortage of options! But in addition to repairing their write-off damage, though, it’s worth being aware of some common problems that sometimes occur with the Vauxhall Corsa. They can be good final checks to make before you sell on your salvage car, to save you and your buyer some stress and headaches further on down the line!

Handbrake issues

Obviously, the handbrake is one of the most safety-crucial parts on the entire vehicle, so if any problems arise you’ll want to prioritise getting those sorted. A particularly common issue on Vauxhall Corsa models manufactured between 2009 and 2010 involves the handbrake popping out of its support bracket. This renders the handbrake entirely useless, which may not be an immediate issue but can pose serious problems for anyone who needs to try and hill-park it! 

The fix

In order to fix the issue, you’ll have to replace the mounting or the support bracket. Don’t forget to test it thoroughly before you properly take it back out onto the roads!

Gear linkage problems

You don't have to be a professional mechanic to know how important the gearbox is. Its primary job is to optimise the engine’s rotational speed, but it can’t do this job properly unless the gear linkage is completely aligned and in good working order. Look out for any signs that it might not be! If you notice any excessive play in the gearstick, and especially if you struggle to change gears in first, second or reverse, it probably signifies a gear linkage issue. Most often with used Vauxhall Corsas, this means a plastic ball joint has popped out of the linkage, which is causing the gears to slip.

The fix

Easy - just install a new gear selector linkage. 

Air flow sensor failure

Just like any car, chemistry is important in the combustion engine in a Vauxhall Corsa, which maintains a very delicate mix of air and fuel in order to function smoothly. The air flow sensor plays a crucial role in regulating this mix by monitoring the amount of air that goes into it. Too much or too little can end up causing mechanical damage to the engine. Common symptoms include the car suddenly jerking forward or ‘hesitating’ as you accelerate. 

The fix

The fix is similarly easy. Sometimes, the air flow sensor may be simply dirty, which means it will be sending limited information (or perhaps no information at all) to the Electronic Control Unit - basically the ‘brain’ of the car. The air flow sensor may need to be removed entirely, replaced with a new one that send the correct information to the ECU. 

Oil pressure switch fails

If you’re an experienced mechanic, you’ll already know that the function of most oil pressure switches mean they momentarily illuminate a warning light on the dashboard every time the car starts up. However, this light should disappear after a very brief amount of time. If it doesn’t, it could be symptomatic of a problem. You may even find that oil is leaking from the engine. Often with Vauxhall Corsas, it’s because of a faulty oil pressure switch.

The fix

You may require a new switch, but it’s first worth checking the connectors and wiring for a proper fit, and inspecting them for damage. Them check the housing for leaks, as well as the engine connection and finally the switch flange. Depending on the engine construction, you’ll find the oil pressure switch in the cylinder block of the engine or in the oil filter housing - or even in the engine head. If all other fixes don’t work, be prepared to replace the oil switch!

Happily, most of these are relatively simple fixes, though not necessarily quick ones. You may not even be intending to drive your Vauxhall Corsa yourself, but instead fix it up to sell on for a profit. We’ve got plenty of Corsas amongst our range that are perfect for that very purpose here at RAW2K - as well as other models from a range of leading manufacturers, such as Citroën, Peugeot, and Toyota. Why not take a look around, and see what you can find?