Mechanic working on car

A car service is like a routine health checkup for your car, and just like the way you wouldn't miss a doctor's appointment without a really good reason, you shouldn't skip out on your car service either. And if you absolutely have to give yours a miss, it’s a good plan to get it rescheduled as soon as possible!

Even small problems can turn into expensive repairs without the proper maintenance, and that’s how many cars end up at salvage car auctions. So, we would like to share some information and tips to help you ensure your car receives the care it needs. Let's take a look!

What is a car service?

When you take your car for a service at your local dealership or garage, the mechanic will check over your vehicle for any signs of wear and tear and damage to parts like your brakes, engine belt, and filters, as well as your oil levels and tyre tread/inflation. Some mechanics may tell you to book in after your car has done a certain amount of miles or after a certain period of time (like every 12 months). Most car manufacturers recommend a service every 10,000-20,000 miles based on the type of car that you have.

Unlike your yearly MOT, a service isn't a legal requirement, which is why you may feel tempted to skip it to save the extra cash, but that could be a rookie error when it comes to the health and longevity of your car. 

The likelihood of a breaking down is higher

In our experience, the cars that get their yearly service stay on the road longer. If you're only noticing problems the moment they become severe, the chances are the damage is going to be far worse than it could have been if you'd caught it early. Not only that, but it can be incredibly dangerous. You'll end up having to spend way more on car repairs than necessary, but you'll also increase the likelihood that your car will actually break down. This can be a major inconvenience, especially if you don't have breakdown cover - it can cost you a significant amount of money not only for the necessary repairs but also for towing your car back home. And that's a situation you want to avoid finding yourself in!

It can lower the resale value of your car

All that damage, repairs and lack of a detailed history of our car's health can also have a negative impact on how much you can sell your car for once you're ready for an upgrade. If you take care of your car while it's in your possession and get it serviced as needed, not only will you have a working and reliable car, there's a good chance that it'll fetch a reasonable sum when you finally decide to sell it. However, if you don't, the lack of history can really negatively impact your ability to sell, as buyers want to know what they're buying; this goes for more than just selling the vehicle as a whole, but part exchange, too. 

Your warranty can become invalid

If you have a relatively new car, the manufacturer will more than likely have the service requirements laid out for you to follow. In these situations, the terms of the warranty will more often than not be directly related to you following the instructions they've laid out for you. If you don't adhere to these rules, it could end up making your warranty invalid, which would leave you solely responsible for any damage to your car that your manufacturer would have otherwise covered. In the best-case scenario, this is going to be a massive inconvenience, and in the worst-case scenario, this could end up costing you a fortune and even result in your need to get rid of your car. 

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