Frequently Asked Questions

Below are our most common questions and answers. If you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to contact us, and our expert team of car auctioneers will be happy to help.

About our Auctions

  • What is Registration and what do I need to register?
    Only registered members are allowed to buy auction items. Once completed you will be notified by Email in regards of the appropriate documentation.
    We will need you to supply the following ID documents:

    Salvage Trade

    Waste Management Licence
    Waste Carriers Licence
    New 'Site Licence' (To be Authorised Treatment Facility.)

    VAT registered Company

    A current copy of your VAT correspondence
    Your Company Letterhead
    A copy of your 'New Style' Driving Licence or A copy of an old style licence AND your Passport showing your photograph


    2 Forms of ID showing your current address. (Bank statement, Utility Bill etc)
    A copy of your 'New Style' Driving Licence or A copy of an old style licence AND your Passport showing your photograph
    £20 membership fee (Payable at time of 1st purchase)

    These can be sent using the following methods:

    Email: Scan and attach your documents to [email protected]
    Post: RAW2K LTD, Unit 11, Maple Estate, off Stocks Lane, Barnsley, S75 2BL.

    We will then supply you with your personal Username and Password, which will allow you to bid. This information must be kept safe, as you are responsible for all bids placed while using it.

    If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].
  • Can I look at the Auctions without registering?
    You can look at the vehicles on auction by simply clicking on the Auctions link above. The next page loads and you then click 'View All Auctions' which allows you from the next page to choose a region for auctions or a closing date for auctions. The lists of all auction vehicles will include Cat B's (Breaker Only). Bidding will be disabled while browsing as a guest. Only Registered Members are allowed to bid.
  • When would I need a Waste Management Licence?
    RAW2K requires that customers who want to register as 'Trade' must hold a waste management licence or exemption certificate. (These may be obtained from your local Environment Agency).
  • When would I need a Waste Carriers Licence?
    All trade members purchasing Cat B vehicles must hold a valid waste carriers licence in order to transport vehicles from our agents.
  • When do auctions start / finish?
    Usual auction times are Monday to Friday, starting at 11am then ending every minute. Auctions last for either 3 or 5 working days. These times are subject to change without prior notice, but will be announced in the Latest News section of our home page if at all possible.
  • What is 'proxy bidding'?
    When you enter a Proxy Bid the amount you have entered will control the bidding up to your specified amount.

    Each time someone bids less than your Proxy Bid amount the system will show the current bid at their bid. If nobody places a bid higher than your proxy bid, a bid 1 increment above the highest bidder (the current bid) will be placed for you at the close of the auction.

    In the event of your proxy bid been matched by another bidder at the time the auction closes you will be the winning bidder at the value of your proxy bid.

    If your Proxy Bid amount is exceeded you will be notified by email that you have now been outbid.
  • What is the 'Watch List'?
    Vehicles can be added to your 'Watch List' by clicking the button that is on every 'Vehicle Details' page. You can then view all the vehicles in your 'Watch List' by clicking on the 'Auctions' button in the top banner then clicking the 'View All Auctions' button. If you have saved any vehicles to your watch list you will see a link to 'My watch list'.
  • Can I sell a vehicle on RAW2K?
    ATF Registered sites and members with Motor Trade Insurance (please email us a copy of the policy before listing any vehicles) can sell vehicles on the auction with no Upload Fee or Final Value Fee. Please call us for more information.

    Public members can sell their own vehicles on the RAW2K Auctions. A Step by Step Guide to Selling can be found HERE. The price for this service is £15.00 + VAT (£18.00 inclusive of VAT)

    To sell your vehicle, login to your account as normal. Click the 'Sell' button. You will then be taken through the correct upload procedure depending on your account type.

    If you have any queries regarding the private auctions please contact us at [email protected].
  • How can I make sure the information on screen is updated
    If you are in any of the pages that show the current bid and somebody else places a bid on the same vehicle the new bid will not be shown on your screen until you refresh the page. This used to have to be done by either leaving this page and re-entering it or using the 'Right Mouse Button' and 'Refresh' option.

    To simplify this procedure and to help you keep upto date with the current bid a 'Show Current Bid' button has been added to the following pages...

    Vehicle Lists
    Vehicle Details
    Place A Bid

    By clicking on this button the page will be refreshed displaying all current bids.

    PLEASE NOTE: Due to your browsers security settings after clicking on the 'Show Current Bid' button you may see a warning message stating 'This page cannot be refreshed without resending the information'. Click on the 'Retry' button and the page will be refreshed as normal.

    This is also a quicker way to keep upto date with the current status of your bids. Although an Email is sent to you whenever your bid is out bidded, it has been known for emails to get delayed at your email supplier for several hours. Also if a bid is placed in the closing stages of the auction you would not have the time to receive your email and respond with another bid. With this system you will have the current highest bid in the time it takes you to click the button and the page to refresh.
  • What is an ABI Category?
    Salvaged Vehicles. The Salvaged Vehicles offered for sale on the Site shall each be categorised as either Category B, Category C, Category D or Category X.

    Due to a recent review of the ABI Salvage Code of Practice, any vehicle categorised on or after the 1st October 2017 will no longer use Categories C or D, these will be replaced with Category S and Category N.

    Unless expressly stated otherwise, all Salvaged Vehicles will have been reported to MIAFTR and will show up on vehicle checks.

    A Category B Vehicle is a Salvaged Vehicle, which is so structurally damaged, or devoid of parts that it is not possible to repair it economically or safely. A Dealer who purchases a Category B Vehicle (a "Category B Dealer") shall be allowed to remove salvageable parts, and shall then be required to dismantle the Category B Vehicle and crush the shell, frame and chassis in accordance with ABI guidelines. Air bags and seat components must be properly disposed of in accordance with manufacturers instructions, the insurance industry requires that these items must never be resold.

    The processing of Category B Salvage must comply with the guidelines displayed in the "Code of Practice for the Disposal of Motor Vehicle Salvage" (ABI Code of Practice) issued by Motor Conference. (See 10.2.1 of this Document)

    RAW2K will only sell such vehicles to licenced and approved vehicle dismantlers

    A Category S (Structural) Vehicle has been declared Repairable. Vehicle has sustained damage to any part of the structural frame or chassis and the insurer/ self-insured owner has decided not to repair the vehicle.

    A Category N (Non-Structural) Vehicle has been declared Repairable. Vehicle has Not sustained damage to the structural frame or chassis and the insurer/ self-insured owner has decided not to repair the vehicle. While the damage to the vehicle has been noted as non-structural, there may still be some safety critical items that require replacement e.g. steering and suspension parts.

    A Category C Vehicle is a Salvaged Vehicle, which is damaged to the extent that the retail cost of repair to the vehicle exceeds the retail pre-accident value thereof.

    A Category D Vehicle is a Salvaged Vehicle, which is damaged to the extent that the retail cost of repair to the vehicle does not exceed the retail pre-accident value thereof.

    A Category X Vehicle is a vehicle which has been subject to an insurance claim but which has sustained minimal or nil damage or which may have been repaired in accordance to manufacturers specifications, and therefore categorisation as pr the Code of Practice for the Disposal of Motor Vehicle Salvage does not apply.
  • What happens if I buy a vehicle and my HPI check shows a different result to the one advertised on the auction?
    Checks are performed at the time of auction. Data can change, so we advise that you carry out your own full checks. We recommend at least an HPI or equivalent check. It is your responsibility to satisfy yourself as to the condition and history of your purchase before you remove it from site. Once vehicles are removed from site RAW2K are not liable for any future updates that are beyond our control.

    You must notify us of any potential claims relating to the condition and history of your purchase before the vehicle is removed from site.
  • What options are available in the user settings?
    The following is a description of the options available in "User Setings"

    • Vehicle Make, Insurance Category, Vehicle Class, Transmission, Fuel, Region, Town, Agent - Use these to select which cars are seen in your auction list.
    • And Search - Used with the above. eg1: If Transmission = Manual, Fuel = Petrol, And Search is not ticked your auction list will show all vehicle that are either Manual transmission or Petrol. eg2: If Transmission = Manual, Fuel = Petrol, And Search is ticked your auction list will show all vehicle that are Manual transmission and Petrol.
    • Order Vehicle By Column, Column Order - Used to select what order your auction list will be displayed.
    • Vehicle Email - When ticked a list will be emailed to you on a daily basis with a breif description of all vehicles that have started on auction since your last Email.
    • Automatic Vehicle Notification - Will send you an email if any vehicle matching you description starts on our auction. eg: Enter Ford Focus to be emailed whenever a Ford Focus appears on the auction. The "And Search" option also effects this option
  • Can I change my user details?
    You can't change them directly although you can check your details by clicking here once you have logged in. If you spot any incorrect details or are changing your details due to change of address etc, Please contact us at [email protected]
  • How many days do I have in which to pay and collect the vehicle?
    7 days from auction end date in which to pay and collect.

    Payment must be made by the end of business on the 3rd working day after the Vehicle End date.

    ***Non-payment will result in your account being suspended, with a re-instatement fee imposed of £120 + VAT.***

    Collection must be made by the end of business on the 5th working day after the Vehicle End date.

    ***Late collection will result in a £15 + VAT per day fee being charged by the storage yard. This will need to be paid before the agent will release the vehicle to you.***

    The auction ends on Monday 17th May.
    Payment must be made by the close of business on Thursday 20th May.
    The vehicle must be collected by the close of business on Monday 24th May.
    Storage charges will be payable from Tuesday 25th May.
  • What payment methods can I choose from?
    • Accounts/Payments
      Email: [email protected]
    • Card Payments - Please note that from 09:00 hours on Tuesday 24th November 2009 online card payments can be made through the RAW2K website in the My Account section. From this date RAW2K will no longer accept over the telephone card payments.
    • Debit Card
      Solo, Switch, Maestro, Delta, Electron. Debit Card payments can only be accepted from the cardholder.
    • Credit Card
      All major credit cards accepted (American Express not accepted) Credit Card payments can only be accepted from the cardholder.
    • Bank Deposit **Cash Only** - Money can be deposited directly into our account.
      You can make cash payments into any Natwest bank.
      You will need the following information.
      Account Name: RAW2K LTD
      Account Number: 74713027
      Sort Code: 01 67 14
      35 Fishergate
      PR1 2AD
      Lot Number: Please quote the Lot number as a reference.

      If this method is used, please contact our head office to inform us that the money has been deposited and send us a copy of the receipt by email so that a release can be issued.
    • Bankers Draft - Made payable to RAW2K Ltd and posted to:
      RAW2K Ltd
      Unit 11
      Maple Industrial Estate
      Off Stocks Lane
      South Yorkshire
      S75 2BL
    • BACS/Chaps Transfer
      If Chaps transfer made before 1pm the funds will normally show in our account the same day, or alternatively if made after 1pm will show in our account the following day.
      Please inform us that the transfer has been completed. A release will only be sent when the funds are cleared in our account.
  • What documentation will I receive as Proof of Payment?
    As soon as payment is received a release note will be sent to you by e-mail. All collection details will be included on the release note; a copy of this will be needed when collecting the vehicle from the agents.

    Please give 24 hours prior notice to the agents when arranging collection.
  • What about Delivery and/or Collection?
    The Buyer must arrange Delivery and Collection themselves.

    Please note vehicles should not be driven away from storage yards. All vehicles must be collected using a recovery vehicle. The collection needs to be booked in with the storage site giving them 24 hours notice – otherwise a delay may be caused or the vehicle may not be released. The contact details for the storage site are on the Release Note that the buyer receives once payment has been made.
  • What do you mean by Breaker Only?
    To purchase 'Breaker only' vehicles you need to hold a Waste Management Licence. This applies to all vehicles including Motorbikes.

    'Breaker Only' vehicles can only be purchased by registered vehicle breakers. Such vehicles must not be rebuilt or returned to the road. 'Breaker Only' Vehicles can only be dismantled for parts or scrap.

    Also see 'ABI Categories'
  • How can I contact RAW2K?
    To find our contact details click on the Contact button in the footer of all RAW2K pages. For the quickest response please use the contact details that are best suited to your query.

    Please note that during busy periods our phone lines are limited. If this is the case the best way to reach us is via email: [email protected] or [email protected]
  • What is Auction Extension?
    To keep it fair amongst bidders, if a bid is placed within the last 15 seconds of an auction then the auction will be extended for 10 seconds.

Vehicle Information

  • Where can I find information about ELVs (End Of Life Vehicles)?
    The End of Life Vehicle Directive is currently being rolled out across the UK. As part of the directive the Environment Agency (in England and Wales), the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (in Scotland) and the Environment and Heritage Service (in Northern Ireland) are introducing new licensing conditions for dismantlers. Further details and advice on this matter are available by clicking on the following links:

    ELV Vehicles Directive homepage
    ELV Guidance for Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATF)
    DEFRA Website

    From the 1st of February 2004 the end of life vehicle directive will become live and all category B vehicles will need to be depolluted.

    Please send to RAW2K Ltd before 31st January 2004, a copy of your new licence showing that you are now on Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) to depollute ELV’s (End of Life Vehicles), or if you do not yet have this certificate we will need a copy of your application letter or a letter from the appropriate environment agency confirming that you have applied. A copy of your licence would then be required once received.
  • Where can I find information about Consignment Notes?
    From October 2007 new legislation has been imposed by the Environmental Agency regarding the movement of Waste. This is relevant to Category B salvage. This means that before our storage sites will allow a Category B vehicle to be removed from their site by the Authorised Treatment Facility that has purchased the vehicle on auction, they will need a copy of the Consignment Note from the ATF site collecting.

    Information regarding this is available on the Environmental Agency Website at

    This Consignment Note comes in triplet and should be completed by the ATF site collecting, (1 copy for you, 1 for the site your collecting from and 1 for the environmental agency). If you have any problems with regards to this I suggest that you contact your Local Environmental Agency to seek their advice.

    Please ensure that this Consignment Note is passed to our site by your driver collecting to ensure that you are allowed to remove the vehicle.

    If you have not yet provided us with your 6 figure premises code to show that you are registered to deal with Hazardous Waste please email this as soon as possible to [email protected]
  • Where can I find information about VIC checks?
    The Vehicle Identification Check (VIC) test was abolished in October 2015.
  • What is RAW2K's process for Certificate of Destruction Completion?
    RAW2K registered Trade Members as Fully Licenced ATF Sites are required to notify DVLA that they have disposed of category B vehicle’s through the Online DVLA internet process. This was introduced to stop the practice of "Ringing" (applying a vehicle identity to a similar stolen vehicle). When the Notification of Destruction is processed by DVLA a marker is applied to the vehicle record to say that is has been permanently destroyed and will no longer be used on a public road. Should anyone attempt to register or licence a marked vehicle DVLA will inform the police of their details and they will be questioned about why they have tried to register/licence a vehicle that has been destroyed. The ATF purchaser must send a copy of the Certificate of Destruction to RAW2K within 1 month of the vehicle being purchased, failure to do this may result in the purchasing ATF member’s account being downgraded or suspended

    Question: Where do I get the Vehicle Registration number?
    Answer: This will be detailed on your RAW2K paperwork, including Release Note and Order.

    Question: Where do I get the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)?
    Answer: The VIN will be stamped on the vehicle.

    Question: The online CoD process asks for a check digit, how can I get this when I do not have the Log Book?
    Answer: You do not need it, just put a * in the check digit box and this will allow the CoD to go through.

    Question: Why are RAW2K asking for the CoD within one month of the vehicle being purchased, I will not strip it out in that time?
    Answer: You are buying a Category B vehicle that is to be dismantled and the structure destroyed; it will not be going back on the road. In exactly the same way as you would treat a vehicle delivered by a member of the public, you can issue a CoD immediately after the vehicle arrives at your yard. You can then take as long as you want to strip the vehicle for parts.

    Question: I do not have access to DVLA on-line; whom do I need to approach?
    Answer: Only DVLA can give you access. As soon as your ELV licence was issued the Environment Agency passed your details to DVLA, who should have then made contact with you. If in doubt, please contact your local Environment Agency office and DVLA.

    Please send all Certificates of Destruction via email to; [email protected] .

    Alternatively please mail all Certificates to; RAW2K Ltd, Unit 11 Maple Estate, off Stocks Lane, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S75 2BL.