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Welsh Online car auctions

RAW2K is the top choice for online car auctions in Wales. Over 25 years in business has given us the resources and experience to build and stock an extensive inventory of used, seized and salvage cars, many of which are sold at the direction of police and car insurance companies.

We’ve got a wide range of makes and models available in our Wales online car auctions, many from globally-renowned manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes, Renault and Vauxhall. Their conditions can vary from lightly damaged to severely damaged vehicles, which gives you a range of options to either make fantastic savings on a new motor, or a useful source of spare parts to fix up your existing car.

How do online car auctions in Wales work?

It’s really simple: all you have to do is search, sign up, and start bidding immediately. That’s seriously all there is to it! You don’t even have to be logged in to use our handy search facility, as you pick out the salvage cars in Wales that best suit your purposes. Once you’ve found the one (or several) you like the look of, we just need a few quick details from you and then you can start bidding immediately.

There’s no shortage of reasons that so many of our customers prefer online car auctions in Wales to attending physical auction houses in cities like London or Birmingham. For starters, you often need to prepare for weeks or even months to be ready for physical auctions, as you need to know how they work, all about the various signs, signals and jargon that auctioneers use, and book the time off work to travel down there. With online car auctions in Wales, none of that applies. All our listings have been designed to be simple, clear and easy to understand, including key information like salvage titles and whether or not the vehicle has its logbook. Theoretically, you can buy your favourite salvage car the same day, and all without having to leave the comfort of your sofa!

Key answers to your auction car questions

  1. What is an auction car?

    Auction car is basically a catch-all term used to describe any car that’s classed as used, seized or salvage. Almost any pre-owned vehicle can fit into this category, and it often includes lightly damaged cars that have been involved in some kind of collision. Auction cars aren’t necessarily damaged by definition though, as the term can also be used to refer to cars that have been repossessed by the police, or car insurance companies (who will have given the car a salvage category, or a salvage title). It’s a very wide-ranging classification!

  2. What are the different salvage categories for auction cars?

    There are four different salvage categories (or salvage titles, it means the same thing). These are assigned by the police or car insurance companies when they take possession of a car. Their purpose is to roughly indicate the car’s condition. Two of these categories were updated with new names in October 2017.

    • Category N (formerly Cat D) – non-structural faults
    • Category S (formerly Cat C) – notable structural damage
    • Category B – extensive structural damage
    • Category A – beyond any repair. Strictly scrap only*
  3. Is buying a Cat D car dangerous?

    Not necessarily! Category N cars (formerly Category D) have only suffered non structural faults, which means that some critical systems like the steering or brakes will be damaged, but can be replaced. As long as these critical systems are repaired to an acceptable standard and signed off by a qualified professional, Category N cars can legally be driven on the roads.

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