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Any vehicles that are highlighted in blue on the auction list are Private Sales. The buyer will deal directly with the seller in regards to payment and collection etc. It is the buyer’s responsibility to confirm the accuracy of the information supplied and it is recommended that checks such as a HPI report are carried out (RAW2K can run the HPI report at a cost of £6, call 01226 770288 for details).

Start bidding today on Volkswagen car auctions at RAW2K

Looking for an easy way to save money when you buy a Vauxhall? Look no further. You could potentially save hundreds of pounds when you bid online on our extensive range of seized, salvage and used Volkswagens.

Here at RAW2K, we’re the UK’s number one site for online car auctions, so we update vehicle auctions on a daily and weekly basis. That gives you the freedom to choose from a broad array of vehicles, ranging from time-honoured first-car favourites (like the Volkswagen Golf and the Volkswagen Polo) all the way up to bigger family cars and minivans like the Volkswagen Sharan.

A quick guide to our how online Volkswagen car auctions work

There are just three simple steps: search, sign up, and start bidding! Using our intuitive search facility, you can search our entire range of auction vehicles across our site to find your favourite Volkswagen. Then we just need a few quick details for our sign-up process, and then you’re free to start placing your bids right away!

We try and save our customers time and effort by keeping our listings as intuitive and easy to understand as possible. All the key information is laid out at a glance, such as whether or not it starts, what its transmission is, and a brief damage report.

Answers to your car auction questions:

Can anyone buy a car at auction?

As long as you meet all the obvious legal criteria, certainly anyone can buy an auction car here at RAW2K. Many physical auction houses in British car auctions are only open to professional car dealers, but that’s not a condition for buyers on our site. As well as people simply looking for a new car, our customers also include hobbyist mechanics, or professionals looking to ‘fix up’ a new car and sell it on for profit. If you’ve got the skills, it can be a surprisingly lucrative form of income!

How much are auction fees when you buy an auction car?

That depends on who you’re buying it from! If you’re at one of the most prestigious British car auctions in major cities like London, auction fees often start well within the hundreds of pounds. Here at RAW2K, though, if you’re buying as a private individual our only auction fees are only a one-time charge of £20 that applies on your first purchase. After that, all further purchases are free! Meanwhile, if you’re purchasing on behalf of a business, you don’t even have to worry about this charge! However, don’t forget to check the buyer’s premium (which varies between each auction car), which you can find full details of on each individual auction page.

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