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Who are RAW2K?

In short, RAW2K is the number one site for car auctions in the West Midlands. We’ve engineered our site to make it as easy as possible to use - all you have to do is register today to start bidding immediately on our huge range of seized, used and salvage cars, many of which are sold at the direction of police and car insurance companies.

Our online car auctions in the West Midlands contain all sorts of leading makes and models, making them ideal for both private and professional bidders. They’re designed to save you the stress, time and hassle that you’d normally have to contend with when you attend physical auctions, which can be particularly challenging and intimidating for first-time buyers. Instead, our online car auctions in the West Midlands allow you to purchase your new motor without having to get off your sofa.

How do our West Midland online car auctions work?

Basically, in three simple steps: search, sign up, and start bidding! It’s really that simple. You can use our handy search facility to browse our full range of seized, used and salvage vehicles, including models from leading manufacturers such as Ford and Audi. Then we only need a few quick details from you before you’re ready to go, and then you can start bidding on the salvage cars in the West Midlands that catch your eye.

There are multiple bonuses to using online car auctions in the West Midlands as opposed to attending physical auction houses. To begin with, there’s no need to take any time off work to make the journey down to the auction house itself, which will usually be located in the centre of a bustling city, which means traffic to contend with. There’s also no need for you to familiarise yourself with any of the jargon, signals and gestures that these trips will entail. Instead, with online car auctions all the information is laid out clearly at a glance, so that you can quickly make decisions without the immense pressure.

Car auction FAQ's Answered

  1. Why buy a car at auction?

    There are all sorts of reasons why you might want to buy an auction car rather than a brand new one from a dealer. If you’ve got the mechanical knowledge and expertise for example, you can make a decent living by buying damaged cars cheaply at auction, before fixing them up to an excellent standard and selling them on. Private buyers on the other hand might be looking to save money on their first ever car, or they might be looking for an identical make and model to a previous car of theirs, either for sentimental value or because they found it easy to drive.

  2. Can anyone buy a car at auction?

    Yes, certainly here at RAW2K. Prestigious physical auction houses often place restrictions on who can buy certain types of cars, and often hold dealer-only auctions for pre-approved buyers. We don’t have those sorts of auctions here at RAW2K, so if you can see it, you can buy it!

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