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Frequently Asked Questions

The Auctions
Question: What is Registration and what do I need to register?
Question: Can I look at the Auctions without registering?
Question: When would I need a Waste Management License?
Question: When would I need a Waste Carriers License?
Question: When do auctions start / finish?
Question: What is 'proxy bidding'?
Question: What is the 'Watch List'?
Question: Can I sell vehicles on Raw2K?
Question: How can I make sure the information on screen is updated?
Question: What is an ABI Category?
Question: What options are available in the user settings?
Question: Can I change my user details?
Question: How many days do I have in which to pay and collect the vehicle?
Question: What are the different payment methods?
Question: What documentation will I receive as proof of payment?
Question: What about Delivery and Collection?
Question: What do you mean by "Breaker Only"?
Question: How can I contact Raw2K?

Vehicle Information
Question: Where can I find information about ELVs (End Of Life Vehicles)?
Question: Where can I find information about Consignment Notes?
Question: Where can I find information about VIC checks?
Question: What is Raw2K's process for Certificate of Destruction Completion?

Computer / Internet Related
Question: I am using AOL and I am having problems getting onto the auction pages. What should I do?


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